Zombie Cats are veterans on Eatbrain recordings, one of Europe’s biggest Drum & Bass labels. Their debut EP ‚Must Eat‘ was welcomed by fans and DJs alike, teaming up with long time friend Mefjus for the Drum & Bass chart topping title track. Two more EPs & single tracks on Eatbrain followed and releases on other respected labels such as Blackout and Drum & Bass Arena solidify Zombie Cats as constant deliverers of quality Drum & Bass. Diverse in their output of Drum & Bass, furthered still with collaborations with artists such as Redpill, Abis or Smooth the cats will continue to deliver.

[Drum & Bass Step Team]

Zombie Cats support DNB Step, and in a bid to help this growing community they founded their own step-team in 2019. Team Zombie Cats are the Steppers Liv (Germany), Nice (Russia), Wanbu (Czech) and Geenie (Germany). 

Performing at the DNB Step World Championship 2019 Nice reached the No.1 spot (World Champion), followed by Wanbu (Vice Worldchampion) and Liv on place No. 3. By end of the year Geenie, the founder of the DNB Step Contest Germany, completed the team. 

Drum & Bass is more than just music, and DNB Step is emerging as a fundamental part of the DNB Lifestyle.